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How To Make Old Transformer Oil Can Be Recycled

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China Chongqing HLA Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
Customer Reviews
thanks for the prompt delivery, the machine successfully reached to us in our expected time. The machine has been used normally, the treatment effect is very good, HLA company's follow-up service is also very thoughtful.

—— Ashok Gopinath

We bought a double vacuum transformer oil purifier from HLA company in May 2016. Since receipt of the equipment, it has been running well and can effectively reduce the moisture of our transformer oil below to <5ppm, saving much cost for our company. After our company expands its business later, we plan to buy another equipment from your company.

—— Mr. Bakhytzhan

We are a small sunflower oil producer. In the initial stage, we bought a stainless steel vegetable oil filtration device from this company to separate the moisture and impurities in the sunflower oil. Thanks for your good quality machine ,our company is satisfied with this product.

—— Alok Singh

In June 2017, we purchased the lubricating oil purifier from HLA, which is mainly used to purify the waste hydraulic oil,which come out our company's steelmaking equipment. The equipment has been running so well, it can removing water and impurities very well from our hydraulic oil . Thanks to the high quality filtration equipment provided by HLA.

—— Mr Bechir

Company News
How To Make Old Transformer Oil Can Be Recycled

The main function of transformer oil:
(1) the insulation effect: transformer oil is much higher than air dielectric strength.Insulation material soaked in oil, not only can improve the insulation strength, but also from the erosion of the moisture.
(2) heat dissipation effect: the big specific heat of transformer oil, commonly used as a coolant.Transformer the heat generated by the runtime make inflation rising oil is heated, near the core and winding through oil and convection, heat through the radiator out, ensure the normal operation of transformer.
(3) arc suppression effect: in the oil circuit breaker and transformer on-load voltage regulating switch, switch contact arc can be created.Due to the transformer oil heat conduction performance is good, and under the high temperature of arc is to touch a lot of gas, producing high pressure, so as to improve the arc extinguishing performance of the medium, make the arc soon go out.


The performance of the transformer oil usually has the following requirements:
(1) transformer oil density is smaller is better, as far as possible so that the the water and impurity precipitation in the oil.

(2) to moderate viscosity, can influence the convection, is too small and will lower flash point.

(3) high flash point should be as far as possible, generally should not be lower than 136 ℃.
(4) should be low freezing point.
(5) the impurities such as acid, alkali, sulfur and ash content is lower, the better, as far as possible to avoid them to corrosion of tank insulation, wire, etc.
(6) oxidation degree can not too high.Oxidation degree normally expressed as acid value, it refers to absorb the free acid in 1 gram of oil the required amount of potassium hydroxide (mg).
(7) stability degree should not be too low, the stability degree is usually expressed in sediment of acid value test, it represents the oil anti-aging ability


Vacuum transformer oil purifier is special designed for processing insulating oil of high voltage electric equipments(especially for more than 500KV UHV insulating oil) in workshops or the field, storage tanks or drums, it adopts double stages vacuum source, double stages vacuum dehydration and degasification vessels, three stages precise filtration system, which can separate moisture, gas, particles and other harmful ingredients from oil much quickly and effectively to ensure the dry-level and dielectric strength improving greatly.Meanwhile, DVP oil purifier machine can be used for online oil treatment for transformers and vacuum drying and oil-pumping for electrical equipment. It is also applied to the above 110KV EHV transmission and distribution equipment, capacitor oil, cable oil, mutual inductor oil etc.

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